Frequently Asked Questions

Are my database credentials secure?

Your database login credentials are encrypted at rest using AES-GCM encryption and are transmitted securely via TSL.

Is my data safe?

DbSitter does not save any resulting data from your queries. Further, we do now offer functionality for INSERT, UPDATE, or DELETE statements. That being said, we still highly recommend using a read-only replica for connecting to 3rd party services, including DbSitter.

What databases do you support?

Right now just PostgreSQL and MySQL. We plan on adding more soon. Shoot us a message using the chat icon in the bottom right of this window if you have a suggestion!

How often do my queries run?

Every time you (or any viewer) open or save a query, we'll process it. If you're using our CVS or JSON export functionality, these files will be updated at least every 5 minutes.

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